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Opposites Attract


Singles Of The 90's

Into The Fire


So Far So Good

Hold Me In Your Arms

Whenever You Need Somebody

Backstreet's Back


1962-1966 (Rød)

1967-1970 (Blå)

The Very Best Of The Bee Gees

Between The Devil And The Big Blue Sea

Black Wolf

Dark Passion


Silent Violence

Boel & Hall

Greatest Hits 1985-95

The Hunger

The One Thing

Time, Love & Tenderness

Gold - 20 Super Hits

The Greatest Guitar Hits Of Dire Straits


Wings Of Love

Solitude / Soiltaire

World Falling Down

You're The Inspiration

Tracey Chapman

The Heart Of Chicago 1967-1997

The Best Of Tony Christie

One More Car, One More Rider (Live On Tour 2001)



The Cream Of Clapton

Hooked On Classics

Romantic Moments

Scandinavian Collection

The Collection

... But Seriously

Both Sides

Serious Hits...Live!


Talk On Corners

Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?

No Need To Argue